19 August

Being on the road doesn’t always leave a lot of time for hobbies and activities other than driving, eating, showering, and sleeping. You still might want to get a couple of things prepared in case you need some time to just get your mind off of work, distract yourself from a bad day, or wait out a storm.

We will separate the hobbies into two categories, while you are driving and while you are on a break.

Hobbies while driving

Audiobooks are becoming more and more popular, they will not distract you from the road, you can choose a genre you like and just relax while working, it sounds like a dream. You can choose fantasy books or novels that can help distract you from everyday problems, or you could dive into some self-help books to improve and grow while also working. It can be a good way to pass the time without being too involved.

Podcasts are something we talked about before, there is an insane amount of podcasts being recorded every single day, they cover every possible topic you can think of, and the only thing you need to do is find the one you like and enjoy the ride. In the sea of topics you can choose from, there are also many truck-related podcasts out there if that is something that peaks your interest the most.

Learning a language might not be everyone’s thing, but if it is yours, this is something that you can easily do while on the road through audio books or online audio classes. Knowing more than one language can be a useful skill to have, and it can also be fun to just learn something new, keep your brain active and busy and distract you from everyday problems.

Off-road hobbies

Exercising is something that you should try to do often considering how much time you spend sitting down and driving, it will help you feel better, get stronger and get rid of pent up tension from being on the road for a long time. You can pack some basic equipment for exercising and bring it with you, like a workout mat, dumbbells, a jump rope. It might be all you need to get some working out done while on a break, or just before hitting the shower and going to sleep.

If you are an artistic person, and art is your stress outlet, you should definitely bring your preferred art tools with you on the road. If it’s photography, watercolors or drawing, those are all pretty easy to pack up and just get lost in, while on a break from a long drive. Art is very helpful when it comes to lowering stress and anxiety, so it will definitely get you in a better mood and relaxed. Even if you are not an artist, you should try one of these hobbies, who knows, maybe you discover new talent?

Cooking is a skill that you could perfect while on the road, and it will also save you money by lowering your restaurant trips. It can be a complicated hobby to take on the road with you because your space is a bit limited, and storing fresh food can be complicated, but there are many ways to go around these details and still make yummy meals for yourself while taking a break from driving. For utensils, you could go with plastic or with a more eco-friendly solution, if you want to skip a lot of the washing up, or just bring your favorite plate, cup, fork and spoon, and use truck stop bathrooms to quickly wash up after your meal.

“Real” books, unlike the audiobooks, is not something that you could do while driving, but people sometimes still prefer real books, smelling the paper, flipping through the pages. Reading your favorite book before sleep or just while taking a small break from driving can be very relaxing and fun. As we mentioned before, your space is limited, so bringing your entire library might not be an option, but picking a couple of your favorite books can be a great way to relax.

Knitting/embroidery, a hobby that might not seem too appealing to everyone, but it is something that could really help you take your mind off of things. Knitting is something that, when you learn it, can completely shut your brain off for a little bit, letting you relax, and ending up with something cool that you made yourself. Embroidery might need a bit more focus, but it could be very fun to do, and the end products can be a good gift for your family or friends when you are off duty.

Blogging might be a thing that you would want to try, documenting your workdays, or writing about something totally unrelated might help you unwind and have some fun.

There are many other ways to stay entertained while on a break from driving, like watching shows and movies on your laptop or phone or playing games, and even tho you might not have time for many of these, maybe one of them will be a real stress reliever for you, and it might make you more productive, it might let you find a new interest or talent, and just lets you unwind and have fun. The most important thing is to stay focused and stay safe while on the road.