22 August

Let’s say you’re in between jobs right now, and you’re pretty sure about what you wouldn’t want to do, but you can’t quite decide what exactly you would like to do. A vast majority of people in the world have found themselves in this position one time or another, so it’s nothing to feel bad about. Hopefully, this blog will help sway you in either direction and make it a bit easier to decide what your next step is.

Signs that you are made for the trucking industry are everywhere, all you need to do is learn how to read them.

#1: Truck Driver Love to Work Alone

Professional truck driver tend to spend a lot of time alone while on the road, so if you enjoy solitude and working alone, you might want to look into becoming a truck driver.

Since truck drivers work on the road, they don’t have their boss hovering over them and monitoring their progress, which means that professional drivers need to be self-starters. Being self-sufficient is also an admirable trait to have, as you will need to rely on yourself to plan and execute everything while transporting freight.

If you enjoy spending time alone with your thoughts and prefer a quiet workplace without too much chit-chat, you might enjoy the trucking business.

#2: You Love Constant Change

One of the best perks of truck driving is that you have the chance to travel across the country and see all the nooks and crannies the U.S. has to offer. And you’re getting paid for it! So, if you can’t see yourself spending your days cooped up in an office, maybe being a professional truck driver is exactly what you were looking for.

As a professional driver, you’ll spend most of your time on the road, taking in all the beautiful scenery around you and constantly meeting new people. Each day on the job will be different, filled with new stories and experiences, which isn’t something you can expect when working a regular office job. Forget the old, office coffee pot; as a truck driver, you’ll be able to enjoy a different, fresh cup of coffee in every diner you visit, and you’ll get to try different food from all over the U.S.

#3: You Want to Make a Difference

Take a moment to think about all the things you eat and use every day – the food in the fridge, your medicine in the cabinet, your clothes – you have all of this thanks to truck drivers who spend their days driving across the country, delivering anything and everything you can think of. There is a reason the trucking industry is considered to be the backbone of America, and it’s because very few things would be possible without the hard work put in by truck drivers.

Distributing goods across the country is essential for every-day life. Hospitals can administer drugs to patients, and grocery stores have food on the shelves all because truck drivers spend their days on the road making sure pickups and deliveries are on time. If you decide truck driving is your calling, you’ll definitely feel like you are making a difference in people’s lives.

#4: You’re an Excellent Truck Driver.

Working as a truck driver, you’ll need to stay sharp and alert at all times. Besides adhering to specific rules of traffic, you’ll have to pay close attention to other drivers sharing the road with you. Your truck is extremely large, and its maneuverability is limited and visibility is poor, which is why you need to stay vigilant at all times. Drivers who have never driven a truck aren’t aware of the blind spots you might have in a truck, so as a professional driver, it’s your responsibility to pay attention to what other drivers are doing around you.

In order to avoid accidents and traffic, you’ll need to plan your trip in advance and double-check every route you wish to take. Being a responsible driver, who doesn’t look for corners to cut, is an essential characteristic to have if you are thinking about becoming a truck driver.

#5: You Want a Stable Job that Pays Well

As we mentioned earlier, truck drivers are essential members of society, and chances are they will remain so for a while. There will always be a need for transporting goods all over the country, so opting for a career in the trucking industry is a solid choice. As the population grows, the need for more goods is only rising, and the demand for reliable and professional drivers is at an all-time high.

Although truck driving might not be considered the most exotic occupation, nonetheless it’s stable and offers people a chance to make a good living. Often times companies offer special benefits for drivers who perform well and exceed expectations. If you plan your route well and save time on delivery, you’ll likely be noticed by your superiors and rewarded accordingly. The same goes for finding the best deals for gas. Also, depending on the type of load you are transporting, you’ll be given options to earn more money. For instance, transporting hazardous materials pays more than transporting food and clothes, but it also requires the driver to follow specific rules and adhere to strict regulations.

All in all, truck driving isn’t a job that just anyone can do. It requires a specific set of skills, and if you believe you have those skills, it’s time to fill out that application, get a CDL, and start your journey to becoming a professional truck driver.