27 November

Ah, Thanksgiving is finally here, and the wait is over! We finally get to enjoy the famous Thanksgiving dinner. The US Poultry and Egg Association estimated that some 46 million turkeys are eaten around Thanksgiving, and according to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center we consume around 80 million pounds of cranberries. The National Grocers Association estimated that 214 million pounds of potatoes and 50 million pounds of sweet potatoes are bought from US supermarkets for the Thanksgiving feast.

Let’s be honest – we wouldn’t have Thanksgiving as we know it if we didn’t have our fellow truckers. They are responsible for distributing all the delicious Thanksgiving food to markets and restaurants, so it only seemed fair to, kind of, return the favor.

For those who will be on the road on Thanksgiving, we wanted to find the best places they can get a turkey dinner all over the U.S. Whether you feel like trying something new, eating in, or getting takeaway, you’ll definitely enjoy these delicious, festive dinners.

The Boise Stage Stop

In the true spirit of giving, The Boise Stage Stop in Idaho will be continuing its tradition of providing a free Thanksgiving dinner to truckers who will be spending the holiday on the road. This year will be the 13th year this, now famous, the truck stop will be giving away delicious turkey dinners.

All you need to qualify for the delicious, free dinner is a valid CDL license and there will be a plate with your name on it. Besides the festive, home-cooked dinner, a trucker will get a chance to win prizes during the driver appreciation event.

Located off Interstate 84 at Exit 71 in Boise (right here), the Boise Stage Stop was founded in 1891 and is one of the oldest businesses in Idaho.

Johnson’s Corner

For those who will be passing through Colorado during Thanksgiving, Johnson’s Corner might be just the ticket. It’s located just north of Denver, here.

Although it’s famous for its absolutely delicious cinnamon rolls, Johnson’s Corner serves other, savory, food as well and it often has specials. It serves traditional home-cooked meals that warm your heart and stomach! In previous years they had an incredible Thanksgiving special, so if you aren’t sure what to do for turkey day this year while you’re on the road, go ahead and check out Johnson’s corner.

South of the Border

If your work takes you towards the southeast and you find yourself in South Carolina, you should check out this enormous travel/truck stop. It has four different restaurants you can choose from and you can eat everything from tamales and steaks, to ice cream.

Besides some seriously delicious food, this complex also has several attractions you can visit, like the Sombrero Tower and Reptile Lagoon. There are also some souvenir shops and general stores where you can stock up on the essentials like windshield wiper fluid, tissues, snacks, etc.


You can find the South of the Border here.

Chain Restaurants Offering Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Bob Evans – not only is it open on Thanksgiving, but it offers a feast for only $15, and it includes pie.
  • Cracker Barrel – it is continuing their tradition and offering its well-known Homestyle Turkey ‘n’ Dressing Meals; it is estimating it will serve 650,000 pounds of turkey and a whopping 1 million slices of pie.
  • Denny’s – besides the classic turkey and dressing dinner, Denny’s is also serving a variety of festive food, and the best part is that you can order online or call ahead, which is a great help for a trucker who has to stick to a schedule.
  • Golden Corral – roast beef, turkey, and ham are only some of the classic Thanksgiving foods available at Golden Corral, which come in addition to their standard, buffet offer; this is the definition of food galore!
  • G.I. Friday’s – great for team drivers, it will be offering a Thanksgiving feast for two, with appetizers, entrées, and desserts, starting from $20.