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Top 3 Truck Driver Jobs in the USA

There are around 3.6 million professional truck drivers in the USA. Truck driver jobs are perfect for drivers that love freedom and adventure. Reasons to become truck drivers are numerous, but for most truck drivers main motivation is money, and a very fast way to get a driver’s license. 

Besides that, there is the freedom that drivers have – so if you crave for independence and variations with your schedule this career path is best for you!

Truck drivers are the backbones of USA commerce. Most of the products we are using today – whether it’s food or medicals are delivered by truck drivers.

The number of truck drivers has decreased in the last few years and the driver’s market for recruiters has become really chaotic.

So, let’s see which three truck driver jobs are most wanted!                                 

1. Over the Road Truck Drivers

Over-the-road drivers (OTR) drivers run through all states of the continental USA. They usually drive long hauls, staying on the road for at least 3 weeks and more. OTR drivers can haul all of the freight – dry, heavy, construction materials, and others.

Most trucking companies are looking for drivers with CDL Class A and with at least 8 months of experience.

In general, company drivers weekly run around 3000 miles a week – it depends on the market and conditions on the road.

Most of the over the road companies pay their drivers on mileage, so it’s simple – how many miles you drive, how much your pay checks will be.

That means that the minimum average that a company driver can earn per week is $1800 for a full week of driving.
Team drivers run more miles than solo drivers, so they can earn more. The weekly gross from team drivers is around $2000 each.

Owner operators and lease purchase earn as much as they drive. The more miles they drive, the more money they earn. The weekly minimum for them is around $8-12k.

2. Regional Truck Drivers

Regional Truck Drivers run loads within a specific country. This position is for drivers that love staying close to home. Weekly regional drivers can run within 1000 miles in one of the regions they are located. Depending on the company policy drivers can spend weeks on the road and stay home for a few days. The main difference between OTR driving, regional drivers are home for weekends.
The regional position is good for getting experience for longer routes, but it can be exhausting if you drive the same routes every week.

After you gain experience in regional routes it will be easier for you to apply and get hired as an over the road driver which will be great for your pocket.

Let’s see how much money you can earn as a regional driver.

Solo drivers weekly can earn around $1000, and run around 2000 miles.

Team drivers
can drive more miles and they can earn around $1600.

Owner operators can earn a bit more, around $2500, and also they are more flexible than team and solo positions.

3. Local Truck Drivers and Dedicated Routes

Truck drivers that are employed for local positions drive within 200 miles from home. Their working day lasts from 8 to 10 hours. Local driving is the best for people that want to be home every night.

Unlike, OTR and regional driving local routes can be more exhausting and difficult because drivers are dealing with tight roads.

So, let’s see how much they can earn.

Solo Drivers can earn from $800 per week up to $1400.

Owner operators with box trucks can earn from $150 up to $400 per day.

Dedicated routes, unlike local driving, mean that drivers run the same company or locations regularly.  Driver picks up a load and delivers it to a dedicated customer.

Dedicated drivers can earn about $1280 per week and run around 650 miles per day.

Owner operators can earn up to $3500 per week.

Dedicated runs are definitely not for those who love changes because you will just go from place A to place B, same routes and the same customers.

There are so many truck driver jobs – the calculation is pretty simple.
Is up to you what you want more at the moment –  more money and less free time or more free time and less money.

What would you choose?


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