28 March

Useful apps for truckers


Ugh, weigh stations. We get it completely, but don’t despair because there is a way to go around this pest. Drivewyze allows truck drivers to bypass weigh stations in up to 44 states and over 700 inspection sites, but you can check out their coverage map and see exactly which weigh stations you can bypass. Whether you have an iOS or Android phone, you can download the app and use their free 30-day trial, and if you end up liking it you can subscribe to the service for $17.99 a month.

Trucker Path Pro

With 700,000 users actively using the app, joining this tips sharing community can be really beneficial for any professional truck driver. This app allows you to share important info with your fellow colleagues, whether it be the best places to fill up in Louisville or where to park in Philly. The whole of U.S. is at your disposal, with fresh info about thousands of truck stops and their amenities, parking availabilities, weigh stations, fuel prices, navigation, and even truck washes, among other things.

Big Road

We’ve mentioned before how important it is for professional truck drivers to keep a log, but we also understand that log keeping can be time consuming and tedious. That’s where this app comes into play. Being a digital logbook, Big Road cuts down on human error, which is a huge help, but it also provides you with an interactive map and automatically calculates your available drive time according to HOS rules.


As many of you are aware, gas prices have been fluctuating like crazy for a few years now, so it’s been a real hassle figuring out the best places to fill up for the best price. However, with Fuelbook you can be sure that you’ll never again overpay for diesel gas. With a database of over 7.000 gas stations all over the U.S. you will surely be able to find the best gas stations for your next trip. Oh, and the best part of the app – it’s free! There really isn’t any reason not to give it a go.


This app proved to be useful in numerous situations, whether in business or for private matters. Imagine never again having to use an actual scanner for your documents, but instead taking care of everything with your phone. CamScanner basically turns your phone into a portable scanner, enabling you to take a picture (with several options available for image editing) of any documents or receipts you wish to save and then allowing you to save them in the cloud or email them if need be. It’s definitely a good companion to have on the road.

Lose It!

Let’s face it, leading a healthy lifestyle is tough for most people. It requires a lot of planning and discipline, but Lose It! makes all that a bit easier and more fun. The app allows you to track your food and drinks intake, as well as to keep track of your workout history. By allowing its users to connect and share ideas and tips, the app made it easy for people to get in touch with others who share their goals.

iExit Interstate Exit Guide

Long hauls can get boring, and when you’re bored you’ll probably have a harder time staying focused, and chances are you’re going to miss an exit here and there. No need to point out what a hassle that is, but it’s a hassle that can be eliminated with the right tool. Enter stage right: the iExit Interstate Exit Guide. This app operates in real time, so you’ll always be notified about upcoming exits on time, thus helping you to never miss an exit again. Besides this, the app provides info about what you might expect at each exit regarding accommodation, restaurants, rest stops, and more.

White Noise

Getting quality sleep is essential for every truck driver, but falling asleep can be hard at times. Do not despair, though, because all you might need is a bit of white noise. The aptly named White Noise app produces over 40 soothing sounds, including sounds of rain, the beach, and oceans, that block out background noises, reduce stress and generally help you relax. The app also has an alarm clock option, and best of all it’s free, so open up that store app on your phone and give it a shot!